2021 Youth Ambassadors

Youth Ambassadors

What is a Youth Ambassador?

Youth Ambassadors are vital to the success of the Broome County 4-H Program and play essential support and leadership roles in partnership with 4-H educators. Using the skills, knowledge, and leadership abilities acquired in 4-H, Youth Ambassadors help develop connections among members and take an active part in planning, improving, and delivering the 4-H program events and experiences. Opportunities are available for ages 13 & up, as well as a Junior Youth Ambassador opportunity for youth ages 10-12.

Why should I consider this experience?
It's a fun and exciting opportunity to meet, connect, and contribute with 4-H members in a new way! Develop new skills, confidence, and leadership! Learn more about yourself, your strengths, and how they help contribute to a team. Work together with a team on real projects that matter most to you! Help enrich and support the program you know and love! Or as the 4-H motto says, help us to "make the best better," year after year!

What's new for 2021/2022!
The 4-H Youth Ambassador experience will now be a full year experience! Youth who participate in this year long experience will come together to prepare for their leadership experience at the County Fair and will work as a team to develop a special project to contribute and help "make the best better."

Once this year's team has been selected, necessary dates and times will be selected together. Youth must be able to attend at least 8 meetings to commit to the year long experience. Meetings will be schedules in following months:

  • November
  • January
  • March
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September

Youth who participate in the year-long experience will also be considered first for leadership positions and opportunities such as those available at the Broome County Fair (July 25th-31st) and helping to promote and share the 4-H story with others!

How do I Apply?
Contact Kelly Campbell (kmc86@cornell.edu) to get the application. Along with the completed application you will need submit one letter of reference to demonstrate your readiness to take on leadership responsibilities, be up to date on all 4-H paperwork requirements, and schedule an interview with Kelly.


Kelly Campbell
NYS 4-H Volunteer & Club Management Coordinator

Last updated February 18, 2022