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Livestock & Animal Science Program


Interested in learning more about raising a project animal? This program will help you with the basics needed for raising meat birds, turkeys, beef, pigs, sheep, rabbits and goats for market at Broome County Fair 4-H auction or to fill your own family freezer. You are also welcome to participate and learn more about animal science even if you are not raising a project animal.

The livestock market program runs from January-July (ending with our livestock auction at the Broome County Fair). Each month we will hold meetings to learn about different aspect of choosing, raising and processing a livestock animal.

-Youth  need to commit to the livestock program by 2/2/24 (next year will be Jan. 1st)
-MUST ATTEND 2 club meetings to participate in the auction

January16th -Kick Off Meeting
February 8th - Bovine Injection Simulator
March 23rd-Tour Quails Custom Meats Tour
April 5th- Regional Livestock Skill a Thon 
April 13th- Cooking Your Market Animal
May 4th- Farm Bureau Auction, our yearly fundraiser-please plan on signing up for a shift HERE
May 22nd- Fair Kick Off Meeting
June TBD- Marketing your stock
July 27th- Livestock Market Auction at the Broome County Fair

The 4-H office has ordered turkey and meat chickens for youth who are interested in doing a turkey or meat chicken animal project. Families are responsible for paying for them. To reserve turkeys or meat chickens, reserve them HERE
Turkeys are expected to arrive the week of March 25th
Meat Chickens are expected to arrive the week of May 20th

The livestock auction will be held on Saturday, July 27th at 5pm in the Livestock Pavilion on the Broome County Fair Grounds. Youth who participated in a market animal project will be auctioning off their hard work. This is a great opportunity to purchase, fresh, local meat while supporting our youth as they develop entrepreneurship skills. To learn more about the auction and how you can support our youth visit out auction page!

All youth that are selling animals in this years livestock sale MUST complete Market Animal Project Certificate.

March 1st, 2024 for beef, dairy feeder and dairy steer
May 10th, 2024 for swine, sheep, rabbit and goat

Market Animal Project Digital Form

Market Animal Project Paper Form


Linnea Depue
Director of Agricultural

Last updated January 9, 2024