4-H Pledge


Here in Broome County, we have several options for clubs. If you are interested in a particular club  and becoming a member please reach out to the 4-H office for details. 


Unique to Broome County is our county wide club. All Broome County 4-Hers are members of the SPARK Club. Each club meeting is unique and is an opportunity for youth to spark interest in a new area or dive into a deeper level of interest! Youth are encouraged to participate in club meetings that they find interesting which can allow them to create their own 4-H experience through experiential based learning opportunities and choosing their own path by selecting the offerings that excite them! Opportunities are provided throughout the month by the 4-H staff in a variety of modes including one day activities, short-term & long-term projects. Youth are encouraged to participate in county fundraisers, the county fair, and all Broome County 4-H events.
ALWAYS Accepting new members!

Hands-On Homeschoolers:

Hands- On Homeschoolers dabbles in a bit of everything. The clubs goal is to follow the interests and passions of their club members. Some project areas they plan to focus on this year are horse, poultry, rabbits, cavies, arts and crafts, entomology, survival skills, sewing, and community service.
Not accepting new members at this time.  

The Explorers:

The Explorers is an animal science focused club. They will be focusing on farm tours and learn about animal husbandry and production.
Not accepting new members at this time. 


The Fireballs do a little bit of everything, wood projects, crafts, gardening, community service and animal science projects.
Not accepting new members at this time.

Milk Duds:

The Milk Duds is a club that focus' mainly on dairy and other animal science projects. The club consists of members that participate in dairy, sheep, beef, poultry, and rabbits. The club is also developing their baking skills this year!
Accepting new members!


The Showstoppers focus on horse education, showmanship, horse related projects and public speaking.
Accepting new members!

4-H Afterschool at Windsor:

This club is for members of the Windsor School District Elementary Schools. These programs are held once a week and lead by School Staff.
If you live in the Windsor School District and are interested in this club, please reach out to your school.

Heart of Homeschool:

Heart of Homeschooling 4H club is a general interest club. They don't focus on any specific area but like to explore everything from animal science, history, arts and crafts, and more.
Not accepting new members at this time.

Windsor FFA 4-H Club:

This program is held though Windsor High Schools FFA Chapter. They focus on livestock and vegetable crop production.
Not accepting new members at this time.


The Mustangs focus on horse education, animal science and the world growing around them. Their members work with livestock animals, goats, cows and llamas. They blend local community service, leadership, and life skills into our projects.
Not accepting new members at this time.

Roppin' Wranglers:

The Roppin' Wranglers members focus primarily on animals but throughout the year have meeting on different areas of interest geared from member feedback.
Not accepting new members at this time.

NYS 4-H Volunteer Leader Guide

Last updated January 31, 2024