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Youth Building Exhibits


JULY 15TH, 2-6PM
in the 4-H Youth Building at the fairgrounds


  • Decide which exhibits you have made this year in your 4-H projects that you would like to exhibit at the fair. Select only your best exhibits for evaluation and exhibit at the fair.
  • No entry fees are charged for evaluations.
  • Before the fair, prepare your exhibits for display.
  • Wash, press and mend any sewing, knitting or crocheting exhibits you plan to enter. Check for loose threads, secure buttons or snaps. Be sure it looks brand new. Bring clothing in garment bag to prevent soiling during transport.
  • Practice making any food exhibits you plan to enter.
  • Carefully select and prepare any vegetable or flower exhibits you plan to enter.
  • Take a close look at craft, woodworking or electrical exhibits to be sure they are in top form and do not need repairing.


  • Please fill out one of the 1/.4 sheet tags stating what main skill you learned while completing the exhibit/project and securely attach it to the exhibit item. Tags will be available at the 4-H office prior to fair, clean up days and at the evaluation days. You can use staple guns, zip ties, safety pins, etc. to attach the tags. DO NOT use tape, paperclips, etc. as the dust, humidity and wind will rip the tags off.
    4-H Member Tags                                                 Cloverbud Exhibit Tags
  • The actual evaluation forms will be available prior to fair as well, however, youth only need to fill in the top portion of their names and what the exhibit is. The rest will be filled in by the evaluators during the evaluation process. Cloverbuds will have an evaluation form specifically for them. Please note, all Cloverbuds receive green ribbons for participation and no premiums (money).
  • All exhibits are to be removed between 6:00-7:00p.m. on Sunday, July 28th. Any exhibits left after 7:00p.m. will be the responsibility of the family to make arrangements to collect the item. If items are picked up before 6 p.m. any premiums earned will be forfeited. Items from Windsor After-School clubs will be brought to the elementary schools, along with the youth’s premium checks for pick up a few weeks after fair.
  • Youth are expected to participate in your exhibit evaluation. Youth will talk to the evaluator about your exhibit. This is an important part of the 4-H learning experience. It is to your advantage because you can explain why you did certain things and what you learned by completing the exhibit. The evaluators are there to help members “make the best better.” This applies to both Cloverbuds and older 4-H members.
  • Parents/Guardians may only accompany Cloverbuds to the evaluating table to provide support. However, they should not answer the questions from the evaluator, just encourage their youth in a positive/supportive way. We want to help the Cloverbuds learn how to interact with other caring, supportive adults. Parents/ Guardians MAY NOT accompany their children who are 8-18 to the evaluators unless they have previous permission from the 4-H Staff. PLEASE NOTE: Members who cannot be present when their exhibits are evaluated must inform their leader, who will issue approval for their exhibits to be evaluated. The evaluation form needs to be with exhibits with reflection questions answered. 

Neither the Broome County Fair nor the Cornell Cooperative Extension- Broome County 4-H Program assumes responsibility in case of loss or damage to exhibits from any cause and upon this condition ONLY are exhibits accepted.

Youth Building Regulations and Classes

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To register exhibits: Fair Entry


Linnea Depue
Director of Agricultural

Last updated April 10, 2024