Fair Entry

All exhibits that you plan to bring to the fair, this includes youth building exhibits and animal science projects need to be register through fair entry.

To register your exhibits click on the link here: Fair Entry

New to fair entry? Need a refresher? Check out these videos:

Logging into Fair Entry for the 1st Time:
First time logging into Fair Entry? or forgot your password? Watch this video:

Setting up your account/resetting your password

Exhibit Evaluations-Youth Building:
This video will cover everything you need to know about entering an exhibit in the youth building. From what exhibits you can enter, how to prepare them and evaluations.

Exhibit Entries and Evaluations

This video will cover how to enter your youth building exhibits into fair entry.
Fair Entry-Youth Building Exhibits

Animal Exhibits:
Learn how to enter your animal in Fair Entry. Don't forget to check out the veterinary paperwork requirement video above if are entering an animal.

Fair Entry-Animal Science Exhibits


Linnea Depue
Director of Agricultural

Last updated April 10, 2024