Three bay wooden compost bins.

We Compost Collective

We are currently accepting new members to our community compost. If you are interested please contact Kira Hawes at 

We Compost Collective program offers opportunity for near-by Broome County residents to compost their food scraps, garden, and yard waste. Individuals living in apartments where composting is not permitted or houses with limited backyard space are encouraged to join. Members will have access to the compost bin after attending a short orientation training of 30-50 minutes. 

We expect members to gain experience and skills gained as site maintenance will be shared by members and volunteers. We hope that composting will become an activity that members will continue to support beyond this program. 


We Compost @ CCE Broome

  • To the right of the Broome County Regional Farmers Market at 840 Upper Front Street, Binghamton.

Residents in Broome County are eligible to join the program. The number of participants may be limited as to fit within the capacity of the composting bins. Frequent visitors of the Broome County Regional Farmers Market, Cutler Botanic Garden, and Taste NY store may also be interested in joining.

We Compost Collective can help start and support other composting locations in collaboration with another group or organization. Contact Josh if your group is interested in hosting a We Compost site to serve your community.


Sean Cummings
Environment Program Lead

Last updated December 13, 2023