Farm to School Farming and Agriculture

In partnership with BT-BOCES and the FaHN, CCE-BC is proud to work in farm to school.

Farm to School posters

Farm to School recipes encourage local products, which help farmers and us!

NY Thursday Taste Tests

Testing new recipes at local school districts for NY Thursday.

Farm to School Program

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Broome County (CCE-BC) is proud to partner on the Farm to School Program with Broome-Tioga BOCES 'Rock on Cafe' School Nutrition Services and the Food and Health Network of South-Central New York. CCE-BC provides nutrition education and Ag in the Classroom lessons related to farm to school efforts to schools districts in Broome County. Please contact us to inquire about our programs and schedule lessons for your school or classroom.


Follow our monthly Farm to School Newsletter for recipes, tips, and nutrition information of your NY Thursday products. 

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Tara Kenyon
Associate Director of Programs/Supervising Nutritionist
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Last updated November 13, 2023