Presentation Types

Cloverbud (1-5 Minutes):

Basic as show & tell or a simple demonstration Ex. How to Make a PB&J sandwich. Evaluation is done to encourage, motivate and to help you get used to being in front of an audience.*Offered only at the County Level*

Demonstration (5-8 Minutes):

One step at a time is shown Ex. How to make a chocolate milkshake. This type of presentation usually includes a completed product and/or posters, which list the ingredients or give background information. Topic should be appropriate for experience level and age. Team presentations are acceptable (2 per team) *Offered at County, District and State Levels*

Illustrated Talk (5-8 Minutes):

This presentation tells a story, or informs audience about something. Explains a process, trip, activity or event using visuals such as a poster series, book, pictures, models, or power point (limited to members ages 12 and up who have completed at least 2 regular presentations). Ex. The Major Breeds of Rabbits *Offered at County, District and State Levels*

Recitation (Creative Communication):

A piece of pre-written material (no original copies), is delivered to the audience. Ex. The Declaration of Independence. Vocal inflection, body language, mood and tone are the primary communication tools. Props may not be used but you may use clothing to subtly represent the mood, however. Memorization is expected; but notes are permitted. *Offered at County, District and State Levels*

Dramatic Interpretation (Creative Communication):

A re-enactment of a piece of scripted material from plays, movies or monologues. Ex. A scene from Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. Vocal inflection, body language, mood and tone are used as primary communication tools. Props and costumes should be used but should not detract from the strength of the presenter. Memorization is expected; but notes are permitted. Team Presentations are acceptable (2 per team) *Offered at County, District and State Levels*


A formal method of speaking. Your goal is to inform, motivate, or persuade the audience. No Visuals are used. Poetry, quotes, humor or imagery may be included. You must write the speech. *Offered at County, District & State Levels*

Interview (ages 14-18):

Youth will undergo a simulated job or college interview with a volunteer evaluator. Completed Resume and Cover Letter must be submitted by the youth on or before February 15, 2023 to 4-H office. Youth should dress in business casual/business attire would be appropriate (Skirt, dress pants, nice shirt, sweater, please NO jeans, cutoffs or shorts.) **Please Note- Job will be of youth's choosing! Please submit job listing to 4-H office with other materials**


The NYS 4-H Horse Communications contest is an event for qualifying youth to compete and show off communications and public speaking skills. The event is centered around the horse world, encompassing a wide variety of topics. 

Youth are asked to choose an equine topic of interest, research, and then present on it. Individual presentations, demonstrations, or team presentations are encouraged. Any 4-H member can present. Junior age group is 8 to 13 years old. Senior age group is 14-19 years old. Horse presentations are timed at the regional level 7-10 minutes for individuals and 10-15 minutes for teams in length. Penalties are applied if presenters are under the allotted time or over the allotted time at this level. Three senior presenters and three junior presenters are chosen out of equine (3 of each age division) to advance. Youth who excel at these levels can be chosen to go on to State and National level. For additional horse related information please Click here!

For more information: Types of Presentation

Last updated December 12, 2023