Projects and Activities

A 4-H project is an opportunity for youth to gain knowledge and skills in an area of special interest. It includes a planned sequence of activities that are age-appropriate and research-based. Youth are encouraged to set individual goals of what he or she wishes to learn and accomplish in the specific project area. 4-H staff and volunteers are available to help guide project work by helping youth set goals and provide access to appropriate curricula and resources. Youth are encouraged to exhibit a finished product related to the project area at county fair. Exhibiting a finished product related to a project at county fair gives the youth an opportunity to receive constructive feedback from an expert in the field on his or her project exhibit. Use the document below to get started, browse the resources below and reach out to a 4-H educator for support at any time!

Annual Project Record Book & Portfolio

Project Areas:

National 4-H Curriculum - We have many of these curriculums at our office and they are available for 4-H families to borrow. Contact Linnea at if you are interested in borrowing something.

Florida 4-H Adventures Summer Fun - Great Summer Camp from home opportunity!

2020 4-H Summer Programming Sessions University of Maine Cooperative Extension - Lots of summer programing opportunities. Look for the ones that say open to all youth.

Last updated September 27, 2023