Food Preservation

Food Preservation is simply put- the protection of food from spoilage. Spoilage can run the spectrum from micro-organisms that cause slime or mold to form on food to the growth and proliferation of dangerous, disease-causing microbes that can cause illness or worse.

Preserving food dates back to pre-historic times though drying and fermenting are the earliest known forms. Salting or “brining” pickling was practiced later on, followed by preserving with sugar. Home-canning is only about 200 years old with deep-freezing being the most recent method of preserving food.

Check out these resources to help the home food preserver to can, freeze, dry and brine food following the safest practices that help preserve freshness and quality, and minimize food borne illness risks.

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Broome County has a Master Preserver on staff. Contact Ann Supa at or (607) 584-9972.


Ann Supa
Nutrition Educator
(607) 584-9972

Last updated November 12, 2014