Broome County’s diverse agricultural and horticulture industry encompasses over one-third of the county land mass with businesses in every town and municipality. Direct sales of local products generate $30.7 million annually which translates into $100 million community dollars as well as direct employment of 900 people and indirect support of community businesses.

Agriculture in the county continues to change with a decrease in traditional dairy farms which is offset by the growth of farms marketing a diverse range of products such as vegetables, fruits, meats, poultry, fiber products, timber products, maple syrup, and other specialty farm items. 

Check out our "Economic Impact of Broome County Agriculture " statement from the 2012 Census of Agriculture. 

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Carbon Farming & Biochar

This is one day workshop is being held on provide further education on carbon farming methods, including a focus on biochar (i.e. carbonized organic material). The workshop will review the proposed legislation and its potential impact on farmers.

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Join the 2017 Census of Agriculture

The 2017 Census of Agriculture will start in December. If you are a farm making at least $1000/year then you should be a part of the census! Click on the link so you'll get contacted to answer the census when it's released! Help agriculture count!

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Join us for an Open House in our Commercial Kitchen

Come and learn about how we can help new and existing value-added food producers with an opportunity to produce/process, test market and sell their products through the Broome County Commercial Kitchen, Broome County Regional Farmers Market & TONY.

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Join us for our annual Master Gardener Plant Sale

Join us for our annual Master Gardener Plant Sale on Saturday May 27th, 2-5pm (NEW TIME). Get advice from our master gardeners, pick up some plants & then walk in the gardens to get ideas for landscaping. Proceeds support Cutler Botanic Gardens.

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Last updated May 15, 2017