Broome County’s diverse agricultural and horticulture industry encompasses over one-third of the county land mass with businesses in every town and municipality. Direct sales of local products generate $30.7 million annually which translates into $100 million community dollars as well as direct employment of 900 people and indirect support of community businesses.

Agriculture in the county continues to change with a decrease in traditional dairy farms which is offset by the growth of farms marketing a diverse range of products such as vegetables, fruits, meats, poultry, fiber products, timber products, maple syrup, and other specialty farm items. 

Check out our "Economic Impact of Broome County Agriculture " statement from the 2012 Census of Agriculture. 

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The Grapes Grow Sweet

Join us for the 2017 Ag Literacy Week - Monday March 20th -Friday March 24th! This year the book will focus on the grape industry in NYS. Students across Broome County will have this book read to them and then participate in a taste testing activity!

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Business plan

Develop a Farm Business Plan

During this five part series participants will work through the various sections of a business plan for their agricultural venture. You will set goals, research processing alternatives, determine potential markets, and evaluate financing options.

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Learn to raise pigs & sheep

Join us on Saturday April 22nd as we learn about how to raise pigs and sheep. We'll hear about the best breeds for gaining weight effectively and how to market the animals. $25 registration fee includes lunch. Veterans receive preference for spots.

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Shared roots

Winter greens growing in a high tunnel

Join us on Saturday March 25th and learn how to grow vegetables in a high tunnel. We'll learn what varieties work best, how to provide nutrients and pest controls. Preference for spots is given to veterans.

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Agriculture Team Lead
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Last updated March 16, 2017