Southern Tier NY Grown & Certified Program

Dear producer,

The NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets invites your business to participate in the New York State Grown & Certified program, a strategic initiative to promote agricultural products from our state. This new program evolved from the Pride of New York Program, but unlike Pride, this program focuses solely on agricultural products and strives to connect consumers to growers, emphasizing the importance of farm products to the NY economy. Now in its second year, the program represents 1,524 farms covering 51,500 acres and has partnered with 10 major retailers.

The New York State Grown & Certified program goes beyond other State marketing programs, by addressing consumer concerns about food safety and environmentally stewardship. This marketing advantage is backed up by the requirement that nurseries and greenhouses participate in NYS Soil and Water’s Agricultural Environmental Management Program. Our hope is that the seal enables the New York livestock industry to even more effectively promote a broad range of products within the state and beyond.

Benefits include:

  • A statewide marketing effort to encourage consumers to seek out NYS Grown & Certified agricultural products;
  • As one of the first applicants, you have the opportunity to be included in a press release later this month;
  • Identification of your plants as having been grown in New York State and produced in an environmentally responsible manner;
  • Increased market opportunity through the program’s partnerships with retailers;
  • Improved accessibility to consumers through our website’s map and listing feature; and
  • Promotion of your business on our social media pages, reaching over 116,000 “followers”.

There is no cost to participate. More information is available on the program website.

Visit NYS Department of Agriculture & Markets NY Grown & Certified page for more information on commodity standards and applications.

Visit the NY Farm Viability Institute website for more information on the cost-share grant.


Laura Biasillo
Agricultural Economic Development Specialist
(607) 584-5007

Last updated May 3, 2023