Master Gardener Program

The Master Gardener volunteer program is a nationwide Cooperative Extension project that provides interested gardeners with horticultural training. In return, these volunteers provide gardening education and information to the community.

In Broome County, the Master Gardeners receive extensive training in a full year course of study, including classes in plant science, entomology, soil and fertilizers, ornamentals, and other horticultural subjects. The volunteers answer questions on the Horticulture Response Line, a telephone information service of Cornell Cooperative Extension – Broome County. A Speakers’ Bureau is available to community groups and the Master Gardeners participate in programs with 4-H and other area youth.

In addition, there is a unique role for Master Gardeners in Broome County. Under the supervision of the staff Horticulture Educator, these volunteers are the caretakers of Cutler Botanic Garden. During winter months, the Master Gardeners plan the garden. In spring and summer, they plant and care for the garden.

If you would like to obtain a Master Gardener Application packet (Master Gardener Program and Master Gardener Volunteer Interest Survey) please call Carol Fetterman, Administrative Assistant at (607) 584-9966 or e-mail

Last updated November 22, 2019