Agricultural Districts

Cornell Cooperative Extension-Broome County works with farms and community leaders to address agricultural environment and land use issues. These efforts focus on a Farmland Protection Plan and the Agricultural Districts program. In January 2019 the Broome County Legislature adopted an updated Agriculture & Farmland Protection Plan. The goals and objectives outlined in this plan will guide our work for the next five to ten years throughout CCE Broome County and other agricultural service providers. To learn more about the objectives and projects identified in the plan, click here.

Broome County Agricultural District Update:

Broome County is currently undergoing a review and consolidation process of their Agricultural District program. This review process occurs every 8 years. The purpose is to ensure that those parcels currently enrolled in the Agricultural District program meet the guidelines for participation. This allows for parcels which are no longer in agricultural use to be taken out of the district. This process is conducted as a partnership between Broome County Planning, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Broome County, and the Broome County Agriculture & Farmland Protection Board. The process begins with a notice for public comment starting on July 30th. From that time there will be 30 days for the general public, landowners and farmers to engage in this process by advising CCE Broome County and/or Broome County Planning if their parcels currently enrolled in an Agricultural District are still being used for an agricultural purpose. 

Information will also be gathered through data from Broome County Real Property Services and GIS maps. You can find copies of the current districts and proposed single agricultural district below:

Ag District #3
Ag District #4
Ag District #5
Composite of all Ag Districts
New Proposed Ag District #5

Once all information has been compiled a report will be presented to the Broome County Agriculture & Farmland Protection Board for review. Once approved the report will be sent to the Broome County Legislature for approval. At that time a public hearing will be held. After this process has been completed all information will be sent to NYS Department of Agriculture & Markets for acceptance/final approval.

If you have any questions about ag districts, or the process, please visit our FAQs document.

Open Enrollment Process

Open enrollment in the Agricultural Districts is held during the month of December each year. To register your land into an agricultural district, contact our Agricultural Department at (607) 584-5007 or download the “Landowner Request for Inclusion" . Here is some more information the Agricultural District Program .

Ag & Farmland Protection Plan Broome County (updated 2019)

Broome County Geographic Information Systems, includes Agricultural District maps –


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Agricultural Economic Development Specialist
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Last updated November 19, 2021