• Friday, June 19, 2020, 6:00 PM - Sunday, June 21@ 12:00 PM

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Ages 10 and Older - Do not have to be a 4-Her to attend!


Courses offered:

  • Ag-citing Science of Fiber Food & Farms - Take a look at the science of fiber, food and farms! We will delve into questions such as, "Why is wool itchy?", How does milk become more than just a drink?", and "How does tilling soil effect soil health?". You will take a look at agriculture under the microscope, get your hands dirty and find the answers to the above questions. We will find answers to questions you never knew you should be asking.
  • Code Explorers - Do you like to code or want to learn how? Have fun exploring computer programming during this course. We will go on virtual reality field trips, learn coding basics and do some cool maker activities. Learn how you can take theses activities home to teach others. All levels of coding experience are welcome!
  • GPS/Geocaching - Do you like to hunt for treasure? Do you like to go on Scavenger Hunts? Then this class is for you! Learn the fundamentals of geocaching along with some other fun and amazing aspects of geospatial science.
  • Microorganisms - The good, the bad, and the ugly. In this course you will learn about all the different types of microorganisms, perform numerous fun and exciting experiments, and grow your own culture!
  • Pollinator Power - This class is the perfect pick as pollinator week comes to an end. A series of hands-on activities will teach youth the importance of pollination, how it occurs, natural pollinators, how to create a bee friendly backyard, and more!
  • Rocketry I & II - Do you want to build and launch a rocket that will fly over 400' into the air? How about a water and air powered rocket as well? Experience the remarkable principles of how rockets work and the science of aerospace with fun activities. Rocketry I = Beginners; Rocketry II = must have taken Rocketry I.
  • Outdoor Survival - Do you have what it takes to survive in the wilderness? In this course we will practice skills that are necessary for staying alive. We will spend the weekend outside learning fire and shelter building, cordage making, and other outdoor skills that will leave you better prepared for the unexpected. Dress for the weather - rain gear is a must - have!


Q: Who can attend camp?
A: Any youth 10 years old and older.
Q: Can my parents stay at the camp?
A: Yes. *Must pass background check.*
Q: What does it cost to attend?
A: $75 per participant, sibling, and adult who attends.
Q: Where will I sleep?
A: In the bunks/cabins used during summer camp.
Q: What will I eat?
A: Delicious and nutritious meals prepared by the volunteers and educators.
Q: What will I need to bring?
A: Sleeping bag, pillow, personal care items, flashlight, extra shoes, swimsuit, towels, etc.
Q: How does NYS 4-H STEM Camp work?
A: STEM Camp has eight courses to choose from. Each camper chooses one course to learn about for the weekend. You may choose from Ag-citing Science of Fiber, Food and Farms; Code Explorers; GPS/Geocaching; Microorganisms; Pollinator Power; Rocketry I or II; or Outdoor Survival. Class sizes are limited and will be filled on first-come, first-serve basis.
Have Questions?
Contact Emily Roach, 4-H Resource Educator: 607-865-6531 (extension 107); esc33@cornell.edu. 



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Emily Roach
4-H Educator Cornell Cooperative Extension of Delaware County


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