Collaborative Marketing for Direct Marketers

Collaborative marketing is the next wave of marketing for direct marketers. As new markets open and demand increases, the only hope to fulfill requests is through a collaborative strategy. However, no literature or data exists to support decision making in what business structure might work best, how to evaluate collaborative marketing relationships, or an economic forecasting tool to quantitatively evaluate the relationship. Cornell Cooperative Extension of Broome County is currently engaged in a project working intensively with direct marketers interested in, or currently pursuing collaborative marketing, to create and test resources to help farmers evaluate on an individual basis proposed or existing collaborative marketing relationship through qualitative and quantitative bases, and create an online and print resource center dedicated to collaborative marketing. Case studies will be created to illustrate concepts using collaborating farmers and their experiences. Outreach will be achieved through a variety of mechanisms, including articles to agricultural publications, presentations at conferences, online through the resource center and a summit conference during the last phase of the project. This will be the most integral to the sustainability of the project as it will bring together Extension Educators, farmers, researchers and other agri-service providers to discuss the resources and tools created during the project and how they can be applied across the state and the northeast to all types and scales of direct marketing operations.

Current Resources Created Through this Project:

Checklist for Evaluating Collaborative Relationships
Sample Collaborative Marketing Agreement  (can be created for free on

If your farm, or a group of farms/producer group, is interested in entering a collaborative marketing relationship to sell your products, contact Laura Biasillo at or (607) 584-5007.


Laura Biasillo
Agricultural Economic Development Specialist
(607) 584-5007

Last updated April 23, 2015