Projects & Activities

A 4-H project is an opportunity for youth to gain knowledge and skills in an area of special interest. It includes a planned sequence of activities that are age-appropriate and research-based. Youth are encouraged to set individual goals of what he or she wishes to learn and accomplish in the specific project area. 4-H staff and volunteers are available to help guide project work by helping youth set goals and provide access to appropriate curricula and resources. Youth are encouraged to exhibit a finished product related to the project area at county fair.  Exhibiting a finished product related to a project at county fair  gives the youth an opportunity to  receive constructive feedback from an expert in the field on his or her project exhibit. 

Project Areas:

National 4-H Curriculum - We have many of these curriculums at our office and they are available for 4-H families to borrow. Contact Nichole at if you are interested in borrowing something.

Florida 4-H Adventures Summer Fun - Great Summer Camp from home opportunity!

2020 4-H Summer Programming Sessions University of Maine Cooperative Extension - Lots of summer programing opportunities.  Look for the ones that say open to all youth.


Animal Science:

Cornell University NYS 4-H Youth Development Program Department of Animal Science

Veterinary Science - NYS 4-H Youth Development

When to Call a Vet (and how I became one) by Dr. Isabelle Louge

Intro to Ruminant Digestion

Avain & Poutry:

Avian & Poultry - NYS 4-H Youth Development Program

Meyer Hatchery Virtual Show and Show Resources


Beef Cattle - NYS 4-H Youth Development Program


Dairy - NYS 4-H Youth Development Program

4-H Dairy Curriculum

Holstein Foundation Educational Workbooks


Dog - NYS 4-H Youth Development Program


Goats - NYS 4-H Youth Development Program

All about Goats


Horse - NYS 4-H Youth Development Program


Pet - NYS 4-H Youth Development Program

Rabbit & Cavy:

Rabbit & Cavy - NYS 4-H Youth Development Program


Sheep - NYS 4-H Youth Development Program

Sheep 101

Lambing 101

Shearing 101


Swine - NYS 4-H Youth Development Program

Creative Arts:

Rapid Speed Rock Painting

Film Making - NYS 4-H Curriculum


Citizenship - NYS 4-H Curriculum


Iowa State University Engineering Kids Club

Healthy Living:

National 4-H Healthy Living Curriculum

Fresh Chefs Cookbook

Cooking Up Fun! Vary Your Veggies!

Steps to a Healthy Teen

Together Counts at Home

Oatmeal Bath Recipe

How to Make Soft Pretzels

Recreation & Fitness:

5 Minute Beginner Workout Video

Fitness Blender Kids Video

12 at Home Workouts to do as Family 


Science & Technology - NYS 4-H Youth Development Program

FLX 4-H Learning Launchpad

4-H STEM Challenge 

Science and nature activities from Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell BirdSleuth Explorer's Guidebook

Bird Spy Bingo

Birding 101

Wild Goose Chase Scavenger Hunt

NYS 4-H Wildlife, Natural Resources and Fishing Curriculum

Relaxing DIY Lavendar Playdough Recipe

Cloud Dough

Fizzy Foam

How to Create a Window Greenhouse

Science Bug Lab

Ice Cream in a Bag - How to make ice cream and a lesson on dairy

Solar Oven Smores

National 4-H Gardening and Plant Science


Kelly Campbell
Director of 4-H Youth Development
(607) 773-3300

Last updated August 24, 2020