Parent/Volunteer Connection

Parent/Volunteer Connection

Parent/Volunteer Connection

“It takes a village to raise a child." Join us on the 1st Thursday of every month for a new topic related to the 4-H Project Experience. The Parent/Volunteer Connection brings staff, volunteers, parents and even older youth together to better understand how to prepare for a positive and impactful 4-H experince! 4-H has so much to offer and each youth gets to create their own unique 4-H experience based on their individual needs and interests. Gain a better understanding of the topics that mean the most to you or join them all! Together, we can help insure that all of our youth thrive through 4-H and beyond.


December- Intro: The 4-H Project Experience

January- Public Presentations

February- Educational Events-Do/Reflect/Apply

March- Community Service Why & How

April- Evaluation-Do/Reflect/Apply- 4-H Recognition Model

May- 4-H at County Fair Experience

June- 4-H at County Fair Experience

July- 4-H at State Fair Experience

August- Member Reports-Personal Growth/Development

September- Awards & Recognition- 4-H Recognition Model

October- Enrollment/New Year Theme Introduction

November- Project-Goal Setting/Record Books

December- Project-Based Learning-Do/Reflect/Apply


Kelly Campbell
Director of 4-H Youth Development
(607) 773-3300

Last updated January 10, 2020