Parent/Volunteer Connection

Parent/Volunteer Connection

4-H Family Connection

"It take a village to raise a child." Join us on the 1st Thursday of every month as we bring together youth, parents, volunteers, educators and anyone looking to learn more or get involved! Every event will provide an opportunity to learn more about our program and collect input so we can create a positive and impactful 4-H experience for everyone! 4-H has so much to offer and each youth gets to create their own unique 4-H experience based on their needs and interests. Join in every month to better understand our program, expand your 4-H experience and even help SPARK new opportunities! Everyone is a part of the 4-H SPARK Club and together we can help insure that all of our youth thrive through 4-H and beyond.


December 2019- Intro: The 4-H Project Experience

January 2020- Public Presentations

November 2020- Project-Goal Setting/Record Books

December 2020- NEW 4-H SPARK Club

January 2021- Public Presentations

February 2021-

Upcoming Topics 

(Subject to change based on your input and the needs of our 4-H Family)

February- Educational Events-Do/Reflect/Apply

March- County Fair Brainstorm

April- Evaluation-Do/Reflect/Apply- 4-H Recognition Model

May- 4-H at County Fair Experience

June- 4-H at County Fair Experience

July- 4-H at State Fair Experience

August- Member Reports-Personal Growth/Development

September- Awards & Recognition- 4-H Recognition Model

October- Enrollment/New Year Theme Introduction


Kelly Campbell
Director of 4-H Youth Development
(607) 773-3300

Last updated February 26, 2021