Youth Development Training

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Broome County offers a variety of training and support to adults who work directly with children and youth, or supervise those who do. Workshops facilitated by experienced youth workers provide research-based knowledge, skills, and resources to support high-quality, effective programs and application of the positive youth development approach. Training materials are adapted from the NYS Advancing Youth Development program, 4-H Youth Development resources, the Forum for Youth Investment/Ready by 21, High Scope’s Youth Work Methods, and more.

  • Youth Development Basics Workshop: Normally 4 hours of training, but can be longer to add content, or abbreviated slightly to meet the needs of the audience. The key concepts include: Developmental Youth Outcomes, Services, Opportunities/Supports, Cultural Assumptions and Adultism, and Youth Participation/Youth Voice.

Other topics available include:

  • Youth Work Methods trainings focus on building safe and productive environments for young people, where needs are met and learning is encouraged. Ten specific topics help youth workers develop skills and understanding, to create Safe Environments, Supportive Environments, Peer Interaction and Youth Engagement.


Beth Roberts
Executive Director
(607) 584-5022

Last updated October 9, 2014