Veterans in Agriculture


Veterans often encounter unique obstacles when considering entering into farming. There are over 800,000 military veterans in New York State, but they exist in a dispersed population, varying from 3-15% of the total population of each county. Because they do not have a dominant presence in any one location, specialized resources are often lacking, ultimately presenting a high barrier to entering agricultural jobs and further marginalizing these veterans. Agriculture is not directly supported by Veterans Affairs – veterans cannot use education funds for most farm training and often cannot use vocational training funds for farm related occupations. In addition, many veterans have unique disabilities (e.g. amputations, PTSD) and training and resources need to include mechanisms to address these issues. Over the last five years, the Northeast Beginning Farmer Program has begun receiving an increasing number of requests each month from veterans seeking assistance.

Veteran Scholarships for Educational Workshops and Online Courses

Farm OPS strives to provide access to resources and training events for veterans pursuing careers in agriculture in New York State. With funding from the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, and NYS Senate Agriculture Committee, we currently are offering scholarships to veterans and active duty military personnel who attend educational events and workshops. To learn more about this opportunity, and determine if you are eligible for a scholarship to a specific event, please contact Laura Biasillo at

Through this program the Cornell Small Farms Program is also pleased to offer partial scholarships for military veterans to take our online courses. The courses, normally $250, will be offered to veterans for $125. In order to be eligible a person must be a veteran or active duty military, a resident of New York State, and have plans to begin selling farm products (filing a Schedule F) in 2017 or 2018. The course offerings and schedules can be viewed here. For more information on the scholarship process click here. If you are eligible and would like to apply for a scholarship, contact Nina Saeli

Regional Learning Networks

Working with our partners in Cornell Cooperative Extension and other regional leaders, we are helping to cultivate farmer-to-farmer learning groups for veterans to gather, prioritize educational goals, learn from each other, and develop mentoring relationships with other farms and organizations available to support their goals.

Interested in networking with others on social media? Consider requesting to join the NYS Veterans In Agriculture Facebook page. This group is for farmers, veterans, and service providers who are interested in the discussion of how to better support veterans and active duty personnel transitioning into agriculture.

Another opportunity to connect is through the Farmer Veteran Coalition. You can follow the New York chapter of the Farmer Veteran Coalition on Facebook at FVCNY.

Here in the Southern Tier we will be offering both live, in-person learning opportunities, as well as virtual opportunities. To keep up to date on all veteran farming training opportunities visit this calendar which is updated regularly.

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Also, please consider joining the New York State Veterans in Agriculture Network Listserve:

What is this Listserve?

Through a grant from the USDA’s Beginning Farmer and Rancher Program the Cornell Small Farms Program initiated a statewide service provider network for organizations to support agriculture training for veterans. In continuing this work, we plan to implement multiple education strategies to engage and train military veterans who want to farm. We will be using this listserve to communicate with you as we begin to implement initiatives across the state. In turn, we hope you will use this as a tool to let others in the state know about events and training opportunities or discuss issues which would be relevant to veterans in agriculture.

Who’s Part of the Network?

This listserve is for New York state veterans who are interested in farming or are already farming and the service providers who work with them. We hope that this email list will serve as a valuable networking tool for this audience. Feel free to invite other people you know in the state who should be part of this network by having them follow the following instructions:

How do I Join?

From the email address you’d like to use for your list subscription, send an email to and type the word “join” (without quotations) in the body of the message.


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Last updated January 13, 2022